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"Reliability of the equipment is absolutely paramount and we have that level of trust with the Trickbox TV team."

Vicky Cleaver


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"We found the Trickbox staff really professional, friendly and helpful, and the studio gave us the perfect iconic view of London."

Richard Butchins

Hardcash Productions on behalf of Channel 4 News

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"I have worked with Trickbox TV on several occasions and always found them to be very welcoming and friendly. They provide an excellent, efficient service that is also good value."

Sara Walker

Sara Walker Productions

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"The view is perfect, but it also comes with the bonus of a fully equipped studio set up. Everything we needed was on site and ready to go, ably supported by the Trickbox team."

Tony Hood

Location Manager, Babylon

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"Trickbox TV enabled us to achieve our objectives and we certainly feel we got value for money."

Vivek Jain

The Jewellery Channel

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"Our experience of working with Trickbox TV was above my expectations – I didn’t think it would be as easy as it was to achieve our aims for the event."

Matt Posner

Producer, Metropolis

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"Trickbox provided just the right amount of input - they knew when to join in and when to back off, and gave us the space to express ourselves. The experience was tremendous from beginning to end - I would certainly consider Trickbox to be a trusted agency partner."

James Erskine

Strategy Director, The Big Shot

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"Trickbox TV worked with us and Channel 4 to test the stream in the two weeks leading up to the first live stream, integrating with Channel 4's live streaming and on-demand platform. They also provided the equipment to enable us to have on-screen graphics, including a lower third featuring a Twitter hashtag to prompt viewers to tweet in with questions for the cast. We couldn’t have made this work without Trickbox."

Katie O'Hanlon

Production Manager, Monkey Kingdom

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"Simon Hotchkin and the Trickbox team were very helpful and professional throughout. I was most impressed with Trickbox’s work and plan to work with them again on the next tournament."

Bruce Clements

Senior Producer, Sky Poker

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"Trickbox TV adapted well to the fluid brief and answered my many questions prior to the event. On the day, everything went according to plan. They worked very hard and couldn't have done more for us - I would definitely book Trickbox TV again."

Alice Gairdner

Senior Production Manager, Good Morning Britain

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"The great crew, outstanding technical facilities and awesome location combined to make the perfect solution for us."

Richard Lucas

Managing Director, Tangent 90

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"Working with Trickbox is always a pleasant experience. They always deliver to our exact requirements and are very professional."

Lucia Pietroiusti

Curator of Public Programmes, Serpentine Galleries

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"I have always been impressed with Trickbox TV's professionalism and attention to detail."

David Stewart

Senior Consultant, MRM

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"The fact that Trickbox TV also manage Tower Bridge TV Studios meant that it was not only a perfect location for the interview with Ian but also very convenient to have the shoot and edit in the same place. They have done a great job on the documentary and were a pleasure to work with."

Steve Rehman

Producer/Director, Football Comes To India

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"The bonus was the great live backdrop of Tower Bridge – a plus for any US or Canadian TV station.  The crew were excellent - friendly, easy to work with, knowledgable and totally trustworthy. Trickbox TV is certainly a company we will work with again."

Sally Fearfield

Joint Managing Partner, Starfish PR

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"[Tower Bridge TV Studios] had everything we needed: a fully equipped studio with crew, a phone to be ready to take the pick, a feed to link to BT Tower and of course that iconic view."

Sarah Swanson

Head of Marketing, NFL

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"The Trickbox TV team worked incredibly hard in pre-production and during the set-up to ensure that the production would run without any issues, and it all worked fantastically well in an unusual and complicated location. We greatly appreciated their attention to detail and calmness throughout, it gave us great confidence that the technical side was taken care of."

Verity Jackson

Line Producer, Flockstars

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"One of the major plus points of working with Trickbox is that they have a lot of knowledge and experience."

Tim Sidwell

Toward Infinity

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"We really enjoyed working with Trickbox. Their professionalism and expertise helped us to deliver three great shows."

Anna Meneer

Film Producer, Eden Sessions

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"Working with Trickbox allowed us to focus on creating that all important content, while the experienced team there worried about the technical side to get our message to the masses."

Cate Kay

Head of Marketing Communications, Marketforce Business Media Ltd

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"Everything was perfect."

Charlotte Lech Gade

Production Manager and International Coordinator, TV2 Denmark

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"As well as delivering to Facebook and YouTube, we were also able to embed our live stream link onto Fashion Week Online to reach a wider audience outside of our usual network. We were able to do this as Trickbox created the embed link a day prior to the show enabling us to upload it onto the Fashion Week schedule."

Tiffany Saunders

Runway Director, Oxford Fashion Studio

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"|t was absolutely great and we have been really taken back with the response.

Not only did we raise a great deal of money for our charity but the engagement with our suppoerters was just fantastic - to say they loved teh quiz would be an understatement!

Ruth and James have been absolutely amazing from start to finish with our first quiz. We have been really happy with the service and support Trickbox have given us.

Thank you for such a great service."

Nicole Gerrard

Senior Fundraiser, JDRF

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"Thank you so much for all of your incredible work, we have had really good feedback from today and it would not have happened without you all."

Emilia Wood

Project Coordinator, Cairngorm Capital

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"NAILED IT! What a fantastic company you are. You held my panicking hand the whole way through and delivered with aplomb just like you said you would. Well Done."

Gordon Marshall

GO NOW! Music

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