Millions of people watched from across Europe on the 23rd June as the ballot papers came in and the UK’s decision to leave the EU was announced. Those watching via TV 2 News in Denmark would have been kept up to date from a multitude of services from Trickbox TV which provided a platform for the Danish news broadcaster to cover the EU referendum live in full – and for longer than initially expected.

Publicly owned TV 2 has been Denmark’s’ top subscription television station since it was founded in Odense in the late eighties. One of six subsidiary channels as part of the network, TV 2 News launched in 2006 and provides 24-hour news coverage from Denmark and across the globe.

Trickbox TV provided technical support for full coverage of the lead up to and aftermath following the results of the EU referendum. Ideally located next to the offices and studio, the coverage was broadcast from the live position on Potters Fields with an iconic backdrop of Tower Bridge and the City of London financial area. Trickbox TV also arranged local power, as well as filming permits and rain cover.

The broadcast initially planned to only cover events on the 23rd June; however, following the unexpected results, the TV 2 team decided to continue broadcasting throughout the day and evening from London for a further day. Trickbox was able to turn this request around quickly, extending permits and power supplies as well as its support services.