UK Production company Primal Media required an outside broadcast, HD, fly-away solution that would be highly reliable and cost-effective for the recording of its new game show The Wave. It chose Trickbox TV’s multi-camera fly-pack, which included: a beach based control room, five Sony HDC-1500 cameras, a 100:1 box lens; a boat-based RF camera; and technical crew.

The show, which is hosted by popular presenter Rylan, sees pairs of contestants work together to win a cash prize. One contestant stays on the shore answering a series of questions with Rylan, whilst the other swims between six pontoons in the sea. If they get the question right, the pontoon earns them extra prize money, if they get it wrong they win a 1kg bag of pebbles to swim with to the next pontoon. They can decide to cash in their prize at any stage but to win the money they must race the clock to swim back to shore and join their partner. The Wave launched at 8pm, on Monday 15th January, on premium UK entertainment channel W.

The programme was shot over two weeks on a well-known surfers’ beach on the Atlantic coast in Portugal. The Trickbox team set up a temporary studio facility on the beach, with five Sony HDC-1500 cameras, including a 100:1 box lens positioned on a tower to capture all the swimming action. The RF boat-based camera captured some of the close-up shots as the swimmers battled the tide to reach each pontoon.

Positioned approximately 300m – 400m from the beach, Trickbox rigged the boat with a full video, audio and comms link to the studio, with zero latency. They say never work with children or animals; sand, seawater and weather can also be a challenge!

“This was a really fun project and we’re very happy that Primal Media chose us,” explains Liam Laminman, Trickbox TV’s Managing Director. The show, which has five episodes, was shot back-to-back so as one pair finished their game another pair would start. Everyone really enjoyed the shoot and we’re looking forward to seeing the series.”