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Have a drink with the Trickbox team to raise funds with the MS Society Pub Quiz!

Current circumstances have had all of us feeling a little stuck in limbo. A lot of us have been kept at home even if we’re not unwell, which we’re learning is pretty hard in itself! But then, it does remind us that some people have to make adjustments in their life even under normal circumstances, due to a condition they might live with. With this on our minds, what better moment will there be to raise much-needed funds, and raise spirits while we’re at it!
The MS Society is a community of people affected by multiple sclerosis, including researchers, fundraisers, volunteers and more. Since the UK lockdown, they teamed up with Trickbox to stream a huge live pub quiz connecting fun-loving supporters on their Facebook page. What’s better, they were hosted by the one and only Scott Mills! 
It was a whole lot of fun, and as of the last quiz raised over £55,000 for this important cause. If you fancy a rewatch, you can find the link on their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/events/216669782897805/ We're glad to have teamed up for such a great cause.

The MS Society ... teamed up with Trickbox to stream a huge live pub quiz