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The Trickbox team scrubs up for This Morning's live wedding

Last month, London’s famous landmark and Europe’s tallest building, The View from the Shard, opened its doors to its first ever wedding. Not only was the wedding venue spectacular, the event was broadcast live on ITV Daytime’s This Morning.
The wedding was granted to a hugely deserving couple, Sonya Keating and Paul Brough, who first met at nursery school when they were just three years old.  Paul proposed to Sonya when the couple turned 40, but sadly, just months later he was diagnosed with MS. They were determined to walk down the aisle before Paul's condition stops him from doing so, and they certainly did it in style. 
To ensure technical success on the day, ITV Daytime selected Trickbox to supply a multi-camera fly-away solution that included: six HD fibre camera channels, and a fly-away control area with positions for the ITV Production team and Trickbox engineers. The cameras supplied by Trickbox included a mixture of hand-held cameras and cameras on Osprey studio pedestals with Sony OLED camera top viewfinders. The team also used a Camera Corps Q-Ball remote camera and a jib, both supplied by ITV Daytime. Trickbox also provided the backup transmission paths and a reverse path for off air. 
The ceremony took place 800 feet high, on the 72nd floor at The View from the Shard. As well as this area, Trickbox also had to provide kit for additional areas of the building where Holly, Phillip and Rylan presented other segments of the show. Trickbox began rigging the night before and continued through the night with the first rehearsal taking place at 6am on the morning of the show. The remit included camera fibre cable drops on multiple floors, to allow for quick repos for the different sections of the programme. De-rigging had to be completed an hour and a half after the show so that The View from the Shard could be reopened to the public. Trickbox supplied a staggered crew schedule for the entire job, which lasted 17 hours straight. 

“We were very excited to win this project and work with ITV’s This Morning team,” says Liam Laminman, Trickbox TV Managing Director. “Live TV is high-pressure but it’s an environment that we’re used to working in and we have the skills and the experience to ensure a successful production. Broadcasting from different floors of a building 800 feet in the air also has it challenges but it was a spectacular day that will be remembered by the families, the team and the viewers.”