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Streaming Mad On Chelsea

For those that couldn’t get enough of the ‘socially elite’ 20-somethings that inhabit the reality show Made In Chelsea, help was at hand this season in the form of an internet-only spin-off show – Mad on Chelsea. 
The weekly 20 minute live streamed part of the show was hosted by two cast members each week discussing the latest dramas on the show.
Production company Monkey Kingdom approached Trickbox TV to provide live streaming facilities for the show and an engineer to ensure it ran smoothly. 
“Trickbox TV worked with us and Channel 4 to test the stream in the two weeks leading up to the first live stream, integrating with Channel 4's live streaming and on-demand platform,” says Katie O’Hanlon, Production Manager on the show. “They also provided the equipment to enable us to have on-screen graphics, including a lower third featuring a Twitter hashtag to prompt viewers to tweet in with questions for the cast. We couldn’t have made this work without Trickbox.”
The web series, which ran for 11 weeks, was well received by fans and there are plans for further internet-based shows alongside the next series of Made In Chelsea.

"We couldn’t have made this work without Trickbox.”

Katie O'Hanlon, Production Manager