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Keiser Report: Looks and brains

The stunning views may have initially brought Associated Press (AP) to Tower Bridge TV Studios to produce a thrice-weekly economics show, but the onsite technical support from Trickbox TV turned out to be just as important.
The AP team produces three editions per week of the Keiser Report, an economics show hosted by former Wall Street stockbroker Max Keiser who, together with co-host Stacey Herbert, presents a no-holds-barred look at the headlines surrounding the global financial situation. The programme, which is broadcast worldwide on Russia Today, attracts international expert guests to comment on the issues of the day in front of the glorious Tower Bridge backdrop.
“The Keiser Report used to come from Paris, but when Max relocated to London we wanted to find an archetypal London view for the new show – Tower Bridge TV Studios is perfect, plus of course it’s great to have views of the City for an economics programme,” says Vicky Cleaver, Global Media Services, AP. “The location is really important, not just from an aesthetic point of view but also it’s much more convenient for our international guests rather than having to travel outside of London.”
The practical and technical aspects are perhaps the key factors in the choice of venue. AP brings its own production crew, while Trickbox TV provides all the technical support and equipment for the multi-camera HD studio facility.
“There aren’t many TV studios in Central London and even fewer that are suitable for our needs from a technical services perspective,” Vicky says. “The Trickbox TV technical team are very accommodating and helpful. Having them onsite for any technical support is invaluable - they are ready for us as soon as we arrive, and while our equipment requirements remain largely the same each time, they can source anything extra that we need without any fuss.
“Also, since we shoot and deliver on the same day, reliability of the equipment is absolutely paramount and we have that level of trust with the studio team that if something does go wrong (which it hasn’t so far!) then they are on hand immediately to help us,” Vicky adds. “The combination of the fabulous view and Trickbox TV’s technical services make Tower Bridge TV Studios an ideal location.”

 “The combination of the fabulous view and Trickbox TV’s technical services make Tower Bridge TV Studios an ideal location.”

Vicky Cleaver, Global Media Services, AP