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Virtual Showroom Studio Installation

Type: System Integration
Year: 2021

Recently, Trickbox’s project team has completed a successful studio installation for mailing equipment, business process automation and customer experience management company, Quadient Technologies UK Ltd. An international company dealing with the realities of the pandemic and lockdowns, Quadient needed a system to show potential customers their productions remotely.

Our projects team used their system integration and virtual events experience to design a solution which will allow a demonstrator to walk around the facility whilst being on camera and talking to the remote guests through the demo/tour of the facility. To make the experience as similar as possible to an in-person visit, ambient mics were installed to pick up the audio of the machines working and ten cameras were set up to capture multiple angles of the machines.

The system is centred around vMix and PTZ Optics NDI cameras as well as a Dante audio mixer, integration with feeds from the PCs on the machines, integration with Microsoft Teams, multiple mics and an IEM system for the demonstrator. This setup is all NDI based, running on a separate production network. We designed all details to allow for easy operation so it can be semi-automated for its intended use by one operator.

What makes this job pretty unique is that it is the product of innovation under lockdown. When their usual ways of working were limited, the client wanted to embrace technology to provide a remote solution. It will be interesting to see how many international companies will turn to broadcast solutions as a replacement for in-person visits. As a broadcast company on our own green journey, we’re looking forward to the opportunities this innovation provides!