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Trickbox Host Virtual Event With Simultaneous Live Translation

Type: Virtual events
Year: 2020

Since the launch of the Trickbox Virtual Events service, we’ve found that we’re tasked with an ever expanding variety of challenges. Recently, a large global equities firm asked for live translation during an international virtual webinar. We’re used to managing live translation streams in our studio and at client venues, but we were pretty excited to use this opportunity in launching our first remote version; a Virtual Event live-streamed in multiple languages.

Using some clever technology alongside a friendly human translator, Trickbox streamed live to English and Japanese speaking clients. The real struggle was the time difference – the live broadcast was at 3AM UK time! Thankfully, the team is fully set up to remotely control live streams from home and we cultivate an impressive coffee culture.

Live translation adds yet another dimension to the interactivity of live webinar platforms. Virtualising conferences typically boosts attendance, so there had been a gradual increase in bookings by international clients, even before the lockdown surge. The reason for its popularity is the improved accessibility; attendees engaging internationally without any travel or unnecessary time costs.

We think live simultaneous translation is a key virtual event update needed to extend the reach of international engagement. Global interaction during live events gives valuable perspective to international organisations and if attendees have the language barrier removed, their contribution is amplified. During a year of global change, this interaction is particularly important, so we look forward to many multilingual Virtual Events to come.