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Building a Flexible and Fashionable TV Studio!

Type: System Integration
Year: 2018

In the summer of 2018, we installed a studio facility in a beautiful Mayfair townhouse for Matchesfashion, a London-based luxury clothing retailer. The space allowed for an exclusive and bespoke private shopping experience, plus specially curated events.

Our client needed a flexible system to allow them to film multi-camera events and live streams on multiple floors of the building – on the personal shopping floors, and in the event space.

The building was open to the public and needed to look and feel luxurious, which meant the project was complex and needed to be expertly executed. For example, all cameras were wireless and there were no cables to be seen, unlike your traditional studio setting! We were able to achieve this because we joined the project at the point that the renovations were taking place, so we were able to work with the building contractors to install all the necessary connectivity to each area of the building.

The control room was centered around a Tricaster TC1, using NDI. The Tricaster TC1 allowed the client to vision mix their multi-camera productions, play in VTs, record, and live stream to Facebook, YouTube, and their own website. We also installed a Clear-Com Freespeak II system for all-important (wireless) comms to all areas of the building.

This was such a fun, interesting and different project to be a part of. It also gave some of our technical team a lesson in fashion!