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Trickbox Supports Live EU Referendum Through Facebook Live

Type: Outside Broadcasting
Client: Facebook
Year: 2016

During the lead up to the UK’s decision to leave the EU earlier this year, social media served as the perfect platform as an accessible format for young people to access debates and panels and have questions answered on the upcoming vote.

A couple of weeks prior to the vote and subsequent results, David Cameron, Nicola Sturgeon, Nigel Farage and Penny Mordaunt answered readers’ questions at a series of live town hall meetings hosted by a well-known social news/entertainment company and Facebook Live at the Facebook offices in London.

The four-hour discussion allowed a live audience to ask the panel questions which was streamed live into Facebook using the Facebook Live streaming platform. Trickbox TV provided an OB service for the entire event, building two temporary studios within 24 hours that were set up to run simultaneously. A main host studio covered the main debate with a second studio used with a magazine style show which fed back into the main studio. As with the fast turnaround of events prior to the referendum, Trickbox TV designed and planned the entire studio space in just three days.

The main studio featured six Sony HDC-2500 camera channels, four Vinten Quartz pedestals and a Steadicam, whereas the second studio benefit from four Sony HDC-2500 camera channels and three Vinten Quartz pedestals. Both studios had a digital talkback system with 16 key panels across both facilities, with a six channel EVS in the main studio.